Connect Groups
We are a Church made up of multiplying small groups!

We believe that Jesus has called us to Love God with all of our lives, to love each other, and to love others by connecting them with God.  We believe the best way to do this is through the development of healthy, multiplying small communities that meet outside of the Church building. This is type a Cell Group Vision, because we think of these groups as multiplying, healthy cells that where we see God at work in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We believe that this is God’s plan for Christ’s love to be made known and experienced by people throughout the world. We do not consider ourselves a church with cell groups, but rather of cell groups. We call these cells Connect Groups. These Connect Groups are at the very heart of who we are and form the structure of our congregation.

We help believers in this great work by training them in our Equip ministry school, and provide continual care and support for the leaders of the Connect Groups in Discipleship Groups.

Please reach out and contact us to find out more:

Missions Partnership
Mission To The World and Deaf Missions International


Cornerstone supports a variety of global missions through our giving to Mission To The World.

Cornerstone is proud to partner with Deaf Missions International in producing videos sharing the gospel with deaf communities around the world.  Cornerstone has also sent mission teams to serve with Deaf Missions International in Bogota, Colombia.

Deaf Missions International Mission To The World